About Us

Pharma Turc

Pharma Turc is an honest, principled company with high long-term goals under the leadership of the founders of the pharmaceutical warehouses. 

PHARMA TURC is an official and institutional organization in the field of sales, storage and distribution of human and medical products recognized by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. 

The company is responsible for supplying pharmaceutical products globally and locally, applying good distribution and cold chain procedures via the best practices. 

Having concentrated on a number of goals throughout Turkey in the shortest time, the company holds greater goals through its expansionary power and consolidated synergy established together with its partners and staff valuing corporal identity above else. 

The company has adopted the approach of providing safe services to hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, official and national healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical warehouses throughout the country in terms of offering the required healthcare products and services to patients. 

Striving for a healthier and happier future. We are putting in a performance to develop purchasing and distribution strategies to meet the requirements of our mutual customers and the healthcare industry, and to supply such in the utmost suitable manner as per customer expectations.  

We strictly comply with good distribution codes to ensure safe and quality distribution meeting expectations.