Satış Hizmetleri ve Politikası

Pharma Turc

He's not just a client, he's a partner.

It should provide you with the best service with our purchasing and distribution strategy. And to your customers.

We are with you for quality, right product, storage rules, good distribution procedures, right price.


Turkey is a good distribution system.

The world pharmaceutical market is constantly growing, and this ever-growing sector brings many challenges. Safety and drug monitoring are the main ones. Counterfeit and counterfeit medicine is the biggest problem in countries.

The Republic of Turkey is one of the leading countries in the world by attaching great importance to this issue and establishing the drug monitoring system since 2010 with pioneering studies in the health system.

In this challenging area, long-term globalization disease targets, new technologies and renewed regulations with complete systems are becoming increasingly challenging and it is becoming more difficult for countries to keep up.

The benefits of globalization do not stop at counting, but they also lead to the formation of a counterfeit drug market.

The drug tracking system provides you with excellent reliability and good distribution conditions.

It ensures traceability of drugs throughout the supply system, highlights return corruption and facilitates the recall procedure.

When evaluating health technologies, the storage of the obtained data can be used.

Our presence in the system is the greatest proof of the reliability of the drug you have taken.

Substandard and counterfeit medicine is the greatest threat to health and life.

Be our customer to work safely and in the long term.


Supply diversity and manufacturer market creation network :

  • We offer you imported or domestic productions to the market in a professional manner by the means of our domestic and
          international sales network.
  • Fair attendances we are manufacturer friendly with our network of local vendors, distributors and commercial relations.
  • To increase market share, we support the price policy product to get the right package and attractiveness.

Management and employee policy :

  • instill a responsible corporate culture to increase the reliability of pharma turc.
  • Create a company profile that meets the legal criteria when it comes to PHARMA TURC.
  • Keep your partners from yourself.
  • Maintain the framework of loyalty, open mind, respect at the time. Don't be arrogant.
  • Earning too much is a short-term satisfaction. The more you win, the longer it takes to win.
  • Train staff to instill this corporate culture.