Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Policy

Pharma Turc

The fair, transparent and multi-voice human resources policy of Pharmaturc aims to establish a highly engaged, satisfying, productive, successful and healthy workforce and a high-performance, development-oriented corporate culture which demonstrates strong and effective leadership in all fields and reflects the unique Pharmaturc spirit in which employees find opportunities to reveal their potential, each employee contributes to Pharmaturc's future by creating value and is being valued.


In accordance with such aim, the company adopts and develops fair, transparent and integrated practices in line with global human resources trends under 3 main headings in order to attract, develop and retain the most valuable talents. Thus our company targets to make a rapid stride in becoming the best and highly preferred workplace. The Pharmaturc human resources adopts a management approach engaging all units via a strategic business partner approach, constantly analyzes company and employee requirements, creates value and enables rapid adaptation to changing conditions."

"I. Talent Acquisition Process


On the basis of Pharmaturc's vision, mission and values, all recruitment tools are used effectively to fill in the current positions with utmost suitable and competent candidates. The Pharmaturc's own web site announcing vacant positions through which job applications can be made stands out as the primary source of employment whereas alternative employment sources such as and LinkedIn are also being utilized.


Competency-based interviews, potential analysis, technical interviews, talent exams along with foreign language exams for particular positions are deployed throughout our employment process.


Prior to commencement of employment, Pharmaturc trains the blue-collar employees for their new assignments with the “Pharmaturc Production Personnel Training” course program organized in cooperations with İşkur and a number of universities.


Pharmaturc aims to contribute to the personal and professional development with the "Intern Development Program" developed for vocational high school and university interns and attaches importance to meeting all potential candidates via activities such as career days, employment fairs, etc. Concurrently, applications are received via the internship announcements published on the Pharmaturc's own website. The intern employment process is also regarded as a social responsibility approach for Pharmaturc. Competency-based interviews, potential analyses, technical interviews, talent exams, cases and foreign language exams are applied as required throughout our personnel and intern employment processes.

"II. Talent Management Process


The breakdown of the goals is conducted within the framework of a certain model for the entirety of the company to target the identical goals by identifying institutional and functional key indicators at the beginning of each year within the scope of the performance management system implemented at Pharmaturc.


A competency framework comprising of fundamental, functional and managerial competencies has been designed in order to focus not only on what has been achieved, but also on how it has been achieved, and to follow the behaviors contributing to the company culture while achieving such goals.


A performance management system in which the sustainability of our high performance is facilitated, successful performance is rewarded, improvable performance is developed through a development program, and performance results are integrated with other human resources systems is implemented.


In addition, potential assessment, substitution, rotation and career mapping studies in which the potential of our employees in their current roles is evaluated, their added value is increased and supported by development opportunities are carried out. 


The year-long "Leadership Development Program” is implemented so as to align the leadership approaches of the employees assigned to managerial and higher positions with the corporate values. In order to support the development of our employees, all-round assessments are conducted throughout the year and our employees are supported with the "Assessment and Development Center" applications in accordance with the assessment feedbacks.


Professional Development Programs, Technical Training School and Simulations, Competency Development Programs are implemented at the Pharmaturc Academy. Internal coaching and mentoring practices are also carried out in line with the requirements of our employees, and internal mentors and coaches are trained amongst our volunteer employees. "

"III. Retention Process 


One of the most important building blocks of our retention process is the sustainability of Pharmaturc achieved by increasing employee loyalty by means of the strong corporate culture maintained and shared by all the employees since incorporation. The remuneration and benefits packages trends throughout the sector, country and the world are followed and a wage policy is implemented accordingly. A rewarding system which appreciates and rewards the behaviors and professional efforts of our employees that create added value is implemented. 


The working hours maintaining the balance of the work and personal lives of our employees have been adopted and efficient working conditions are fostered. Internal candidate evaluation process for vacant positions is actively operational. An interdepartmental rotation program is implemented for the development of employees.


A structured adaptation and orientation program is implemented within the framework of the orientation program for new recruitments and assignment changes. 


No discrimination prevails in the company and no employee complaints have been received in this regard so far. "

"IV. Representation to Manage Relationships with Employees


Workplace Chief Representative and Representatives are appointed at the Workplaces within the scope of Article 27 titled "Assignment and Duties of Workplace Union Representative" of the "Union and Collective Bargaining Agreement Law" No 6356.


Workplace union representatives and the chief representative, limited only with the workplace, are responsible for listening to the wishes of the workers and resolving their complaints, ensuring the cooperation, labor peace and harmony between the employees and the employer, and observing the rights and interests of the workers along with assisting the implementation of the working conditions stipulated in labor laws and collective bargaining agreements. 


Union representatives have the authority to share opinions and make proposals regarding issues related to occupational health and safety, the effects of implementation of new technologies, selection of the work equipment, working environment and working conditions on the health and safety of employees. Moreover, union representatives acting as the employee representatives have the right to make suggestions to the employer and request the employer to take necessary measures in order to eliminate the source of danger or reduce the risk arising in connection with the danger. Pursuant to the Regulation on Occupational Health and Safety Boards issued on the basis of such Law, the chief representative and foreman representative also take place in the occupational health and safety committees, the duty of which is mainly to evaluate the hazards and precautions related to occupational health and safety and inform the employer of the measures.”